Monday, January 17, 2011

Injecting ExtJS components via an html template

Use Ajax to load an html page as a template for ExtJS and then plug ExtJS components into it.

Sometimes a web page layout may be too complicated or time-consuming to develop purely in ExtJS or perhaps you want to convert an existing html page to use ExtJS components. In either case there is a simple and straightforward way to inject ExtJS components into a complex html page. There are only a few simple steps needed to accomplish this:
  • create the html
  • fetch the html
  • load the html
  • plug in the ExtJS components
Here is a snippet from myPage.html. Notice the {idBase} included as part of the id. That is a template param that will be replaced when the ExtJS XTemplate is processed. The purpose of {idBase} is to help make sure that each div section has a unique ID and is not really germain to this article.
The following methods are from myScript.js. This method loads the html using an Ajax request:
     initStructure : function() {
             url : 'myPage.html',
             disableCaching : false,
             method : 'GET',
             success : this.onStructureLoaded.createDelegate(this)
     } // initStructure()
This success handler puts the html text into an ExtJS XTemplate and then loads that into the body of this component (an ExtJS panel or window):
     onStructureLoaded : function(response, options) {
         var template = new Ext.XTemplate(

             idBase :

     } // onStructureLoaded()
Once the html has been loaded into the DOM we can start plugging our ExtJS components into it:
     initMyButton : function() {
         new Ext.Button({
             applyTo : this.getCustomId('myButton'),
             text : 'My Button',
             handler : this.onMyButtonClick.createDelegate(this)
     } // initMyButton()

     getCustomId : function(name) {
         return String.format('{0}_{1}', name,;
     } // getCustomId()

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Hi Russ,

Wonderful Article , Please let me know how to join the pieces. I want to Inject ExtJS component through HTML.

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