Thursday, October 22, 2009

J2EE Persistence Strategies

This is a summary of the J2EE persistence strategies that a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect should be familiar with (use scrollbars at bottom to view entire table):

StrategyEase of DevelopmentPerformanceScalabilityExtensibilitySecurityStrategy
CMPrelatively simple; preferred over BMPcontainer dependentEJB container dependent *avaries by implementationEJB providedCMP
BMPmore involvedvery efficient w/control over SQLEJB container dependent *avaries by implementationEJB providedBMP
JDOsimplepossibly some performance penaltydeveloper managedvaries by implementationdeveloper managedJDO
JPAthe simplestpossibly some performance penaltyEJB container dependent *avaries by implementationEJB providedJPA
ORM/DAOssimplepossibly some performance penaltydeveloper managedvaries by implementationdeveloper managedORM/DAOs
JDBCmost time-consuming and involvedtheoretical best performancedeveloper managedvaries by implementationdeveloper managedJDBC
iBatis/DAOsomewhere between ORM and JDBCexcellent performancedeveloper managedvaries by implementationdeveloper managediBatis/DAO
*a = stateless session beans more scalable than stateful

not covered by SCEA exam

Spring can help level the playing field outside EJB in some of the above developer managed areas by helping with transactioning, scalability and security.

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